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Natural Hyperhidrosis Treatment – Which ones are the best?

Using a natural Hyperhidrosis treatment is the most optimal choice to in comparison to other treatments available on the market as it is not only 100% safe, inexpensive, has no side-effects but can  also bring permanent results. When you consider alternative treatments, you will notice the hefty price that is included. For example, people do actually undergo surgery just to treat Hyperhidrosis, the most commonly used treatment is Botox – a very lethal toxin that is injected into the skin, and it can have serious life threatening side effects if not done correctly. Listed below are some side effects of Botox:

Botox Treatment

  • Lost of control in the msucles
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Blurry Vision
  • Trouble swallowing & breathing
  • And more..

This treatment is not advisable as it is not only very costly, dangerous but can only be a temporary fix.

Another method that does not consider the use of hyperhidrosis natural treatment is the use of anticholinergic drugs. These are basically neurotransmitter blockers which can interfere directly with biochemical communication of brain and sweet glands. Using this kind of drug may bring in some undesired side-effects that include urine retention, cardiac palpitations and blurriness of the vision. Also, there are those methods that use the iontiophoresis technique. This is one of the treatments for hyperhidrosis that uses a kind of electroshock for the therapy. This hyperhidrosis cure places the patient’s problematic body parts under water and sends them an electric charge through it. Using this method requires numerous amounts of costly sessions, however you will only get a temporary relief and only works best for mild hyperhidrosis cases only.

Applying a natural Hyperhidrosis treatment can eliminate those dangers and side-effects, in addition natural hyperhidrosis medication can be made from common house ingredients such as tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Perhaps the major advantage of using this natural treatment for hyperhidrosis is not merely the quick fixes but the permanent solutions it give. Having said that, you may now be wondering what natural treatments are available, and how they really works.

As you read this article, it is now assumed that you don’t want to use surgery or drug to cure your excessive sweat problem which is very understandable. Here are the natural ways to fight and cure your hyperhidrosis problem:

Antiperspirants – Most of the antiperspirants sold over the counter contain high levels of aluminum chloride that is normally absorbed by skin into the body. However, no one really knows the long term effects of these stuff being absorbed by our skin into our bodies. Some doctors even believe that certain antiperspirants can cause breast cancer but there is no strong evidence to support their claim. The natural antiperspirants that you may try for hyperhidrosis are products containing either aloe vera or rock crystal.

Herbal Remedies – There are numerous amounts of different herbs available that you can try. Usually, Sage Tea is the most commonly used herbal remedy to cure this condition. Other than that, you can try to use the following:

  • Valerian
  • Chamomile
  • Neem Barks and Seeds
  • Wild Indigo
  • Kava Kava
  • If you noticed that you hyperhidrosis are triggered by the anxiety, consider using the St. John’s Wort.
Herbal Remedies for Sweating

Herbal Remedies for Sweating

Diet – In order for you to cure hyperhidrosis with a natural treatment you need to carefully select the types of food you consume. Some of the things that trigger hyperhidrosis are the sympathetic conditions of the body’s nervous system because they are not in balance. A good and healthy diet can maintain and restore your body’s balance. Particularly, you should include a wide variety of foods to maintain a healthy balance in your diet.

Another natural remedy for your hyperhidrosis is to have a diet consisting of acidic foods. One very famous natural treatment for hyperhidrosis is to drink the juices in tomato. Drink at least 4 to 6 ounces of it every ½ before your meal.

hyperhidrosis natural treatment

One of the easiest hyperhidrosis natural treatment

Try to avoid spicy, onions, garlic as they can cause your sweat to smell very unpleasant. Keep dehydrated throughout the day, contrary to popular belief keeping hydrated can keep your body cooled, causing you to sweat less. People that suffer from Diabetes should start to lose weight as losing weight can greatly help cure your sweating problems.

Many people believe that by doing an exercise routine early in the morning can help you Cure Sweat ,by letting out all the sweat for the rest of the day, allowing them to sweat less throughout the day as well as keeping hydrated. This is one of the most effective hyperhidrosis natural treatments, of course it won’t work for everybody so I recommend you try it out first.

Household Products – Surprisingly, there are a variety of household products available that can be used as a hyperhidrosis cure. Some people are using the apple cider vinegar even though this product will bring them an odor of its own. Make a mixture or solution of two teaspoons of honey as well as two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Drink this mixture 3 times a day, this also works very well with an empty stomach. Another viable option is the use bicarbonate soda. When this product is applied into the skin they will act as an antiperspirant that will greatly reduce your excessive perspiration.


Sweating is not as bad as you think. It is also good for the health as it manages or controls the human body’s temperature and removes the accumulated body toxins. In fact, excessive sweating is only a result of over-working your body nerves that are in control of the sweat glands. This condition is considered hereditary however, the main issue here is the bad body odor it releases and the sheer embarrassment of having sweaty armpits, hands, etc. By using the above hyperhidrosis natural treatments and methods, you can definitely decrease the excessive amount of sweat the body produces and minimize the bad body odor.

Staying cool would be the best hyperhidrosis natural treatment to consider if you can. Drinking a lot of water or tea, your body temperature will definitely stay normal however you must avoid products that contain alcohol and caffeine as they can increase your body’s temperature. As mentioned above, drinking the sage tea can decrease your sweating by almost 50 percent, in addition this herb is also the main ingredient of some antiperspirants and deodorants available in the grocery market. There are lots of other alternatives for fighting hyperhidrosis in both a natural or non-natural way. Search for products that contain herbs such as eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary cinnamon essential oils, vegetable glycerin and cloves.

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